Dec 24 – Sharing the Greatest Gift

Titus 2:11–14 It is the day before Christmas and many of us sit just hours away from the anticipated ripped wrappings and torn boxes, hot chocolate and candy canes. Santa and toys, gift cards and garland. It is a time full of smiles and children’s laughter. Rich smells and full bellies. Families return home andContinue reading “Dec 24 – Sharing the Greatest Gift”

Dec 22 – The In-Between

Revelation 1:4–8 The book of Revelation is not the book we generally turn to in order to read the Christmas story, but our passage today certainly tells the whole story of Jesus.   As we read this letter which is addressed to “the seven churches,” we may think the message is for specific churches “backContinue reading “Dec 22 – The In-Between”

Dec 19 – Belonging to Grace

Galatians 3:23–29 As we remember Christ’s birth and await the promise of His return, we are reminded we become heirs to the promise of Abraham through faith: the promise of peace and salvation, eternal holiness with the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. Little children sit on Santa’s lap asking for the newest toy andContinue reading “Dec 19 – Belonging to Grace”

Dec 18 – Misplaced Concern

Matthew 8:28–34 Satan has stolen the lives of two men in our reading, taken them from their families, cut them off from the community and driven them to violence.  When Jesus arrives, the possessed men address him as the “Son of God,” because Satan knows that Jesus is God.  Jesus cast the demons out ofContinue reading “Dec 18 – Misplaced Concern”

Dec 16 – Inner Healing

Acts 5:12–16 In the book of Acts, believers came to the apostles despite the risk of persecution. Crowds gathered bringing their sick and tormented to be healed, wishing to get close enough that Peter’s shadow might fall on them.  This was God’s power at work! What does physical healing look like?  If someone has kneeContinue reading “Dec 16 – Inner Healing”

Dec 15 – Standing for the Truth

Matthew 11:2–11 John the Baptist was quite a character.  He was no ordinary-looking guy, and probably turned the heads of everyone passing by.  Can’t you just hear them:  “Did you see that guy?  What in the world is he wearing?”  People had never seen the likes of someone like him, so they went out toContinue reading “Dec 15 – Standing for the Truth”

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